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Bespoke Website Design and Development

There is so much choice out there when trying to decide how to build your website. There are options for complete tech novices to build their own site with builders and out-of-the-box options and Content Management Systems that can be built on top of with a little bit of know-how. However, these options often have limits to what you can do and the functionality that can be incorporated into your website.

All websites are designed and built to look great on the most popular devices and browsers as well as ready to support current SEO guidelines and best practices.

How is a Bespoke Website Different?

A bespoke website is a website built exactly to your specifications without needing to fit into the restrictions created by ‘out of the box’ website builders. This means that the website can look exactly how you would like it to look and function exactly how it needs to function for your business.

For those of you familiar with WordPress, a bespoke website means you get to have themes, templates and plugins designed and built especially for you.

Out of the box options are great. They allow you to quickly have a website up and running for little or no expense. There are usually a variety of different templates available, allowing you to pick one that reflects the look and feel you would like used to portray your business. However, these options have their limitations and if you have ever used one before you may be aware that you made a few compromises here as it just wasn’t possible to make those adjustments that would have made your website perfect!

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How the Process Works

The first step is understanding your business needs and deciding if our service is a good fit for your requirements. Once the decision has been made to progress to the next step, we will put together a report detailing the plan for your website and all costs involved which we will then go through with you in detail, allowing you to ask any questions you need before deciding if you would like to go ahead.

Once we are ready to proceed, the development of your website will go through the following stages:

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Design Stage

The initial stage of actually creating the website. Flat images depicting the look and feel of the different templates that will be developed for your site.

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Prototype Website

Each of the templates built to look like the agreed design allowing you to see what they will look like as an actual website.

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Integration with CMS

Connecting the website to your Content Management System to allow real content to be added and completion of your finished site!

Once your website is integrated into the Content Management System, it will be handed over to you so you can manage the content on your site. If you wish, there is also the option of investing in our SEO services so we continue to manage your site and move it up the Google rankings.

Our Content Management System

Here at Earth People Connect, we use our own Content Management System which is always growing, offering an expanding list of available features.

Our content management system means that you can update your own site once it is up and running. There are a number of different configurations available for your needs. Whether it is updating text and photos in pages on your site or running an ecommerce site with a number of products to keep up-to-date, we can configure our system to help with the running of your website. We always welcome feedback on additional features you feel would be useful to you.

Full documentation is available as standard and training is available on request.